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Leverage our
free online webinar training

We’ll virtually train you and your team from wherever you are, and you can expect the same thorough diligence and hand-held treatment
as if we were right there with you.

what is webinar training

Entire training is tailored to your firm or business needs.

webinar training

We don’t skim the material. We teach mastery.

virtual assistant training

Learn everything from how to use our software to the local rules of each jurisdiction.

what is webinar training
Time Sensitive

Customized to your time requirements.

Opt for our
free on-site training

For an even more hands-on approach, we’ll come to the location of your choice and train your staff in-person.

webinar training
Designed for Large Firms

From our experience, in-person training works best for larger businesses.

virtual assistant training
We Come to You

We will train at your firm or any other location of your choice.

what is webinar training
Custom Sessions

Each department will be trained specifically to their needs.

webinar training
Training for Mastery

While training can take as little as an hour, we stay until each person is 100% confident in filing, managing the users, and even working with the jurisdictions.

Learn on your own time at your own pace

We provide a library of resources and videos for teams that prefer to learn on their own terms. Our content is straight to
the point and easy to follow for an effortless self-service learning experience.

virtual assistant training
Ideal for Busy Teams

No need to try to find a time that works for everyone.

what is webinar training
Quick and Simple

Our videos are designed to train your team as efficiently as possible.

webinar training
Training for Different Levels

Allow your team to study what they don’t know, and skip what they do.

Avoid rejected
filings and
save time

Our training ensures your
team will file correctly every
single time to eliminate
rejections and save time
spent on having to refile. 

Get Started
what is webinar training

your firm
the right way

We’ll assist your team in registering
your firm and configuring your
settings in our system to ensure that
notifications get sent to the right
person at the right time. 

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